Chalet Eiger is committed to being mindful of our carbon footprint by working in a sustainable manner. We continue to develop and improve on our sustainability and commitment to caring for the environment, along with meeting and exceeding New Zealand Tourism standards.



  • Outside lighting operates on movement sensor PIR or timers
  • Bathrooms operate with separate fan to ceiling lights
  • Low energy lights, left on over night
  • Heating and cooling – all our heat pumps have thermostats for guests to adjust heat accordingly, room by room
  • Instant hot water – uses gas only when you need hot water
  • The property is double glazed
  • Local tank water harvested off the roof
  • 150mm insulation in the roof
  • All pipes are fully lagged
  • Log fire only lit on cooler days
  • Non-essential fridges turned off in quieter months



  • Guests given option to have towels changed 
  • All toilets have twin flushes – short and long flushing
  • All towelling/cotton/personal washing are line dried where practicable
  • Bed linen is laundered by us
  • Guest room waste is sorted and recycled accordingly
  • No excessive use of chemical cleaning products and water usage
  • Steam cleaner used for cleaning all hard floors with no chemicals
  • Compost kitchen and garden waste where possible, otherwise garden waste collected
  • Weekly collection for all cardboard, plastic and glass
  • We make good use of the clothes and shoes recycling at charity bins provided by the council 
  • All paper reused where possible
  • All magazines from guest rooms and public areas are given to local charities
  • Glass jars are given to local jam maker
  • We support local charities with auction items and donations to raffles/prizes




  • Full recycling systems in place – glass, cardboard, tins, aluminium, paper and plastic-contained wastewater treatment plant on site feeding clean water to the bush
  • Bulk ordering done in all departments to avoid excess packaging.
  • Herbs and vegetables grown on site
  • We reuse plastic bags
  • Limited printing of emails, reservations and general paperwork
  • Single hand towels used in public bathrooms
  • Garden waste is transported to a local Council Waste Depot for mulching
  • Kitchen scraps collected weekly by local farmer for feeding to stock
  • Eco friendly cleaning products used to a minimum
  • Biodegradable rubbish bags

Purchasing and Suppliers


  • Visitor attraction leaflets are available for our guests from us
  • Floral displays for guests are supplied from a local florist
  • We support and encourage guests to visit nearby suppliers who we use to support the local area and keep travel to a minimum
  • Arrange home deliveries of products via local suppliers where possible
  • Garden plants and flowers locally delivered
  • Free range eggs supplied by neighbours
  • Vegetables and fruit from local producers
  • Granola is homemade



  • We have an online booking system which removes the need for any paper and postal services, emails only are sent.
  • All information pertaining to Chalet Eiger is fully available on our website, we therefore have no printed literature/brochures.
  • We also have an ongoing commitment to finding new and more ways to further improve our sustainability as individuals and also as a business.